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After Merlin's Session from Me

Reiki for Animals
90 mins £90

Reiki 1, 2, 3 People & Animals
Masterclass Weekends too

What Is Reiki?

A Japanese therapy, translating as Universal Life-force Energy. This energy is the Creative energy, it is all-knowing and goes to where it is needed.  

I am a Reiki Master with 35 years experience.

  • Reiki is an holistic therapy meaning it treats the whole 'being' simultaneously.


  • A beautiful healing hands-on therapy.


  • We do not diagnose, we do not need to.


  • We do not treat the condition or the illness or disease Reiki treats the whole being. 


  • We may place our hands where or above where symptoms are manifesting.


  • The energy of Reiki to animals that have never had it before can feel powerful, uncomfortable as well as very warm. Lifting our hands off the body is just as effective. 

  • Reiki combines well with all therapies and medical treatments and medications.

Reiki healing for real deer.  Wildlife_edited.jpg

What Is Reiki Used For?

Reiki is a wonderful therapy to have for all animals.  


It is holistic and therefore works within any physical, emotional and all other issues such as:


  • Injuries

  • shock

  • stress

  • anxiety

  • fear

  • grief

  • depression

  • pain

  • diseases

  • pre-op, post-op

  • you name it and Reiki is a viable treatment which also combines beautifully with all modalities including modern medicine.


It speeds post-op care, combines with whatever medicines are being taken, any supplements and treatments received, therapies done.


Reiki helps both perform better. 


Reiki aids mental well-being, aids journey through grief and owner or animal companion loss as it assists with physical, mental, emotional issues simultaneously.



Reiki Effects In A Session

The effects when receiving Reiki are visible.


It is extremely relaxing.  


Many animals go into a wonderful restful state, sometimes a deep sleep, snoring is not unheard of for animals and is a super sign that they are having a wonderful restful healing sleep in the session.


This is especially easy to observe with animals.


Animals just allow and receive. 


Animals show us it is not a placebo effect.


Reiki for animals.  One cow with hands on therapy .jpg
Reiki for Beau

After A Session

Your much loved animal family member will feel relaxed. 

Reiki may temporarily stir up of the condition your pet presented with, as Reiki moves within the depths to effect change and bring about improvement and healing.This is good. This all settles down and healing continues faster and more deeply.


The longer term effects of Reiki are cumulative. 6 sessions will have a combined effect greater than 4 and 4 greater than 2 which is logical. 

Make sure plenty of fresh water is available and, your pet family member whether dog, cat, bird, cow, goat, sheep, horse and so on are allowed to rest as much as they want to afterwards, peacefully.


Logically, the more serious the issue, the more treatments one has and I champion learning Reiki so you can offer it yourself inviting in experienced hands such as mine, when and if you need them.

My horses and animals with cancer I have treated daily until they did not need it daily.

How many and how frequent?

Acute/chronic symptoms/illnesses need much more frequent Reiki meaning daily.


My honest advice for illnesses of severity, is to have a family member be taught just Level 1 Reiki by me quickly, it is a weekend and I will organise this even if it is only you.  This enables daily treatments needing only Level 1 be learnt. This is far more cost effective for you, practical and is effective.  I and any Reiki practitioner can be called in for more experienced hands but, you can then do all the daily Reiki and have your experienced practitioner as often as you choose.

For serious illness or event, I would also suggest a Reiki Attunement for your animal family as this is the equivalent to a power surge that bursts the doors open but in a safe knowing way for them. Then Reiki. The Attunement is not repeated every time.  Ask me to discuss this with you and explain more deeply. 

Any of my animals that become very sick are attuned to Reiki by me first then treated.

I have immense experience working with animals. I have photos of the healing of broken bones and injuries that look immensely improved in literally a few days that defy belief.  


What you see on the outside tells you the increased speed of healing also occurring on the inside too.

Reiki for Sweetheart_edited.jpg
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