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Horse and dog relaxing in the evening sun

Tranquility, Peace, Healing

where beautiful change happens

Fiona Dixon

for animals



Reiki & Energywork

Shamanic Practices

Dowsing for Health & Nutrition

Vibrational & Sound Therapy 

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Imagine ...

  • Your pet looking and feeling better.

  • Seeing positive change in their health and wellbeing.

  • Finding health solutions where veterinary care has hit a wall.

  • Supporting veterinary care with natural health therapies that aid and speed recovery.

  • Having experienced support for you and your much loved pet should it be their 'time'.

S Jones, Bucks


Thank you so much for helping Bert and giving him those extra years.

Health and Wellbeing


Animals & Horses Health & Wellbeing

Animals & Horses

Giant schnauzer dog with painted shetland pony in the water

Whether in deep water
with a physical issue, grief or something else,
additional help for them and you,
is here. 

Peter R, Surrey

Thank you for having Tom at your yard and all you did to get him well. 

Relaxed Horse in field


Nr. Exeter, Devon

Tranquil, private, easy access and parking.

An Holistic Healing Practice for Animals and their Owners.

I do travel to horse yards and your home if needed and an additional cost applies,

if over 10 miles away.


The Healing Foundation

Member of:

The Reiki Association
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